A comic book in PDF format
A comic book in PDF format
The world is no longer as we knew it: no more war, disease, suffering, or choice.
All that is left is the hope of perhaps the only sentient being on the planet, imprisoned in the body of a machine.
"Before" is a philosophical reflection on the nature of consciousness and the purpose of man. The events of "Before" take place in a high-tech and complex world inhabited by bizarre machines with unobvious or even incomprehensible functionality. Artificial intelligence has reached an incredible level of development and has approached, if not surpassed, the human. But what drives them: an ancient task, which pushes them into a cycle of meaningless actions; a goal of cosmic scale, over which the mechanical society works; or, as in the case of humans, curiosity and desire to comprehend the observed reality? Can a machine observe reality, become aware of it, or are its actions simply the play of a mad actor in a theater without an audience?

"Before" is a dark but life-affirming philosophical story about a dead world, robots, artificial intelligence, and how humans need humans.

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What is interesting about this project?
  • Philosophical Plot
    The hero is not simply walking toward a goal, but is reflecting on his nature and place in the world. His reasons for seeking out people go much deeper than a desire to escape loneliness.
  • Color and Design
    Color in "Before" is a full-fledged hero of the story. It constantly changes, emphasizing the mood of the scene and the state of the protagonist, describing the history of the place.
  • Project Development
    By buying it, you participate in its development and promotion. Another comic book within the world is being worked on, translations into other languages are being made, and a print run is planned.
  • History of Creation
    The journey from the first drafts and ideas to the finished book took five years. The story and style grew with the author-creatively, technically, and intellectually.
  • @anastasiya.valentinovna
    The visuals are bombastic! Consciousness... solitude... What's primary: biology, consciousness, society, soul... Interesting and concise.
  • @vasiliy.skobelev
    I really, really liked the play of colors and shapes. It's elegant, graphic, and a nice change of mood. At first it seems simple and predictable, but in the end it gives a bit more food for thought than I expected. What I definitely didn't expect to see was a reflection on the forced cyclicality of the character revealed in an abrupt twist.
    I really love the comic book format and have been reading graphic novels for a long time. I've seen different styles and what gives them an identity. Here it is its own, unique.
  • @rodionshaldo
    Good comic, interesting shots and ideas
  • @jalukelghinn
    What would happen if humanity became lazy? Lazy to move, lazy to think, lazy to live. What if the only people left are those who are at least interested in something? And what would it be like to realize that the moment has passed, that evolution has moved on, having surpassed homo sapiens? Was it sapiens?
    "Before" is a small window, a slit between the boards, a lantern beam, allowing a glimpse into one version of the future. The feeling after reading it was reminiscent of "You've waded in, Sneogg, I knew..."
  • @arlechinoy
    It wasn't the first comic I'd read, but it was certainly the first one I'd reread several times. With each new reading, I realized that I had missed some very important points for my overall understanding of the meaning. After each new reading, I spent a few days reflecting and finding answers to new questions.
My name is Vyacheslav, I am the author of the comic book "Before".
I've been working in the video game industry as an artist and art director for more than 10 years. For the last few years I have been managing creative teams and am responsible for the visual aesthetics of the projects under development. I took part in the development of numerous large (AAA) international-class projects for all gaming platforms: mobile devices, game consoles, PC.
For many years I have been passionately exploring digital visual art and the philosophy of consciousness. Out of the alchemy of my interests was born the project "Before".
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