Frequently Asked Questions
What's the project about?
About robots, artificial intelligence, philosophy of consciousness, loneliness, the search for the meaning of life, about love.
    What genre is the comic book in?
    The genre is difficult to define unambiguously: there are features of separate directions. We can define the genre as "philosophical post-punk.
      Will there be a printed version?
      Absolutely, as soon as enough digital versions are sold.
        Will there be a sequel?
        There will definitely be another 100-page book within the world.
          As part of the project, only the comic book?
          Originally the project was planned as a video game, but now I decided to settle on a book. It is often suggested to make a cartoon, but so far both are very expensive. There are also several NFT tokens dedicated to the project and this direction will be developed.
          What video game projects has the author worked on?
          Star Wars The Old Republic, Quake Champions, Sim City, WWZ The Game, Atomic Heart, Halo Master Chief Collection and many others. He is currently working on CarX games.
          What program is the comic drawn in?
          Many programs were used, here are the main ones: Foundry Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush, Blender, VRay, InDesign, Clip Studio Paint and others.
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